Angel Number 1155-Reasons You’re Seeing It

If you ever want to receive a signal from the universe, you will see them in the form of numbers. It is a belief that your guardian angels are protecting and reminding you to go on the path you are on or change it. Numbers like the angel number 1155 are a way to catch your attention.

You’ll see them unexpectedly and notice them as a message from the angels. If you don’t recognize it at first, it’ll appear again and again.

One of the numbers that are seen is 1155. Although any angel number you see is very lucky. We’ll talk about 1155, specifically.

angel number 1155
Angel Number 1155

Meaning of Angel Number 1155

Number 1 signifies new beginnings and opportunities in one’s life. It is linked with our ability to understand and link to intuitions. And assures us that we have control over our existence.

Two one’s two forms 11 which is a master number as per astrology. The next number is 5, according to numerology. This number has linked us with freedom, independence, and one’s spirit of adventure.

Number 5 doubles these features. Even number 5 makes a reference that we have to take responsibility for ourselves.
1 and 5 together give away strong messages that you are responsible for your actions. You have to be the in-charge and not let others mislead you. And most importantly, do not blame others for your failures.

Reasons Behind Seeing 1155 Frequently

⦁  You cannot blame others for your situation.

There are times when you feel that you are not on the right path because things are not going as per your plans.

During this time, we tend to blame whatever is happening in our life on others and find excuses. Angel number 1155 is a sign for you to take accountability for your actions and not blame others.

Look for the answers about what you have done, or have not done, and what you can do to avoid repeating the same mistake in the future.

  • Take on this opportunity

Opportunities come and go in our lives. Many times we believe we can do it and sometimes we think we cannot.

1155 angel number appears to assign that we are ready to take the next step. And you have sufficient skills and experience to succeed. If your intuition says you should do it, then go for it. You can do it.

  • Stay in touch with your controlling tendencies

Our controlling tendencies take over in their way. It gives us the power to stick to the goals. 1155 is just a reminder for you to choose what you want and not interfere in other’s life freedom of choice.

You might be unintentionally stopping someone from doing what they want to do. This can be overt or covert behavior. Let others have an option to do what they want to do to fit in with their lifestyle. Support and guide them to achieve what they want. 

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